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Our story

We exist to protect and secure businesses in the digitally connected world

Traditionally, organizations seeking to improve their security posture engage a a single service provider for services like pen testing, source code analysis, and attack surface mapping.

This process is slow, heavy, and expensive — and you often have no guarantee you’re going to get good results or just glossy PDF reports.

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We deliver a radical cybersecurity advantage

The Bugcrowd Platform connects a skilled security researchers and companies both small and large.

Our customers (who are often but not always tech companies) create a program, define the scope, set reward bounties and open the doors to the crowd of security researchers. Often the first severe bugs are found within hours — a dramatic speed and time advantage over slower, traditional testing or auditing.

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We believe in a world where no one is blindsided by cyber attacks

The Bugcrowd Platform offers customers a fine degree of control over their programs.

Customers specify which technologies are desirable in researcher skillsets — eg. Android or iOS — which might be critical if the product is not a website, but a mobile app, hardware device or even a modern car.

They also control program access and visibility, eg. private and by invite, or accessible only to specific sets of researchers.

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We power proactive security postures

Aside from our Platform’s unique features, Bugcrowd differentiates itself further from other platform providers by only offering managed programs.

Bugcrowd’s in-house SecOps team triages and evaluates every submission to ensure our customers only receive a high-quality feed of program submissions without the noise. We also have a dedicated Pen Testing team which offer a variety of services that go extend beyond classic pen testing.

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Simple is strong

Simple is strong

Approach every task with the goal of finding the simplest, strongest solution possible. Doing so helps us deliver resilient, robust, and efficient results.

Build it like you own it

Build it like you own it

Working at Bugcrowd isn’t just about trading your time — it’s about making meaningful change. No matter what you’re working on, always take ownership of and pride in your projects.

Respect is key

Respect is key

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Whether you’re working with an ethical hacker or a team member, always communicate in a manner that is both compassionate and respectful.

Think like a hacker

Think like a hacker

If it ain’t broke… well, take it apart anyway and make it even better! Never settle for “good enough,” and use whatever resources you have at your disposal to achieve your goals.

Don’t be valuable; create value

Don’t be valuable; create value

It’s not enough to simply “be valuable.” Instead, proactively create value for our stakeholders by solving their most urgent challenges in innovative, impactful ways.

Happy customers

Happy customers

Bringing delight to our customers and other stakeholders really matters to us. Always focus on offering them the best possible experience, throughout the platform and in day-to-day interactions with them.

360-degree accountability

360-degree accountability

In our fast-paced environment, every team member counts. Take responsibility for your own tasks, but be on the lookout for ways to ensure that things are getting done. Be ready to pitch in when they aren’t.